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There are many types of medications that can treat your pain and help you live an active life-style.

Chronic Opioid Analgesic Therapy (COAT) Statement:

Opioids (also known as narcotics) for the treatment of chronic pain carry significant risks that patients need to be aware of prior to initiating this treatment option. Risks include but are not limited to tolerance (loss of therapeutic effectiveness over time), addiction, opioid induced hyperalgesia (yes, it is proven that narcotics for chronic pain can have the opposite intended effect by increasing pain and not reducing it) and overdose, which can be fatal. These risks increase at higher doses, which is why we strive either to eliminate the need for narcotics by using non-narcotic treatment options or to reduce the doses to safer levels. We follow the guidelines set forth by the American Academy of Pain Medicine. We also follow the recommendations provided by government agencies. At Sweetwater Pain and Spine, we monitor the safe delivery of opioids by performing urine drug testing for our patients. Also, all patients are required to sign a medication agreement prior to initiating chronic opioid analgesic therapy.