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Do you suffer from chronic pain?

March 31, 2015 | Category: Chronic Pain, News & Press

Did you know that recent studies show nearly one out of every three Americans suffers from chronic pain? That is well over 100 million Americans.

Symptoms of chronic pain vary from person to person. Some people might experience sharp, intermittent discomfort and others might feel constant, dull aching. The area of chronic pain also varies. It can be confined to one area of your body or it could radiate throughout multiple areas. If you are suffering for longer than six months, you are experiencing symptoms of chronic pain.

The team at Sweetwater Pain and Spine understand that, just like all types of pain are different, so must the approach for managing pain. Not all pain can be fixed the same way.

Our team stays up to date with new, advanced techniques to offer comprehensive options for every type of pain symptom. This helps us provide the best possible options for each of our patients.

Whether you are suffering from acute or chronic pain, Sweetwater Pain and Spine will work with you to provide the relief you have been waiting for. Contact us today to being to improve your quality of life.