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Guatemala 2017

Guatemala: February 2017 Sweetwater Pain and Spine had a very successful trip in February to Guatemala. We worked in medical clinics in remote areas of Guatemala and built gardens for families with very little income and consequently, very poor nutrition. We want to thank all of you who supported our trip with donations. The patients […]

Sweetwater in the Community: Amazing Race 2016

Sweetwater in the Community: Amazing Race 2016 In August 2016, the staff at Sweetwater Pain and Spine had the “amazing” opportunity to race around the Reno and Sparks area providing various types of service. The day began by serving breakfast to those in need. After that, we spent some time in one of Reno’s beautiful park […]

Keeping a Pain Journal

Pain symptoms can often flare for unexpected reasons. Tracking symptoms and patterns can help. A good way to track pain patterns and approach possible treatments is to make a record of your daily activities along with a daily level of pain. In your journal, rate your pain each day. In addition, notate a summary of […]

Exercise and Arthritis

  Exercise plays an important role in managing arthritic pain. Most sufferers will admit that exercise can often be the last thing they want to endure. However, a proper exercise regimen is key to decreasing debilitating side effects and improving your quality of life. Click Here  to learn more about the benefits of exercise for […]


Sciatica   Are you experiencing any of these symptoms: Burning/Tingling that shoots down one leg Weakness numbness in one leg Shooting pain in the rear or leg that is worse when sitting or that makes sitting or standing difficult These are common symptoms of Sciatica. Sciatica is a common type of back pain. It occurs […]

Diagnostic Testing

Pain is different for every patient. Finding the source of your pain is the first step to treating the pain properly. We offer a variety of diagnostic testing procedures that help us diagnose and treat your pain symptoms accurately and effectively. Rather than only masking the pain with medications, it is important to first find the proper diagnosis and […]

Welcome Dr. Muir!

Sweetwater Pain and Spine is happy to announce that we have added a new provider to our pain center. We are very excited to welcome Jeffery Muir, M.D. to our practice. Dr. Muir and Dr. Zollinger were previous colleagues at Mayo Clinic. They are excited to be working alongside each other again at Sweetwater Pain […]

Do you suffer from chronic pain?

Symptoms of chronic pain vary from person to person. Some people might experience sharp, intermittent discomfort and others might feel constant, dull aching. The area of chronic pain also varies. It can be confined to one area of your body or it could radiate throughout multiple areas. If you are suffering for longer than six months, you are experiencing symptoms of chronic pain […]