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Chronic Pain

Keeping a Pain Journal

Pain symptoms can often flare for unexpected reasons. Tracking symptoms and patterns can help. A good way to track pain patterns and approach possible treatments is to make a record of your daily activities along with a daily level of pain. In your journal, rate your pain each day. In addition, notate a summary of […]

Exercise and Arthritis

  Exercise plays an important role in managing arthritic pain. Most sufferers will admit that exercise can often be the last thing they want to endure. However, a proper exercise regimen is key to decreasing debilitating side effects and improving your quality of life. Click Here  to learn more about the benefits of exercise for […]


Sciatica   Are you experiencing any of these symptoms: Burning/Tingling that shoots down one leg Weakness numbness in one leg Shooting pain in the rear or leg that is worse when sitting or that makes sitting or standing difficult These are common symptoms of Sciatica. Sciatica is a common type of back pain. It occurs […]

Do you suffer from chronic pain?

Symptoms of chronic pain vary from person to person. Some people might experience sharp, intermittent discomfort and others might feel constant, dull aching. The area of chronic pain also varies. It can be confined to one area of your body or it could radiate throughout multiple areas. If you are suffering for longer than six months, you are experiencing symptoms of chronic pain […]